Cup of SuGR was designed to bring communities closer. Whether you want to ask people in your community to go out for an event, sell or borrow something within your community it is possible here! If you have something you want to borrow, sell or just involve other people in your community, this is a perfect place to do it! Cup of SuGR was designed to help communities grow closer.

  • Feature Set 1


    Just need to borrow something for the night or weekend, (dvd, video game controller, food ingredients, tools, etc) why not borrow from people in your own community?!

  • Feature Set 2


    Selling items any size or price is simple to do. Just post the item your selling, upload a picture and submit for everyone in your community to view.

  • Feature Set 3


    Submit a post looking to buy a specific item or just browse through other members looking to sell stuff.

  • Feature Set 4

    Help A Neighbor Out

    New to the area? Ask for recommendations for restaurants, nightlife, clubs etc within your community. After all, who knows the area better than people who live there with you!

What Our Customers Say!

  • "I just moved into my apartment and didn’t know anyone until I posted on Cup of SuGR that I was looking for fun stuff to do at night. I feel comfortable posting anything now, I love my new apartment!"

    Kristan – Charlotte, NC

    We love Cup of SuGR! It's so easy to use and it is a great way for our members to meet each other. Thanks!

    David- Apartment Manager - FLA

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